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Dragon Ball Hakai Special: The Story Of Beerus

por | jul 1, 2022 | 5 Comentários

5 Comentários

  1. Death Leopards

    Hello Gustavo! I wanted to thank you for creating such an amazingly fascinating manga; It’s so much fun to read! I don’t normally care much for DB fan fiction but this manga is vastly more interesting and adventurous than any of the other fan stuff out there as well as the current Granola saga. The way this is written, it could be absolutely plausible that DB Hakai would fit perfectly into the canon DB Super universe. The Story of Beerus is especially captivating, giving a much needed background to a god shrouded in mystery.

    What brought me to DB Hakai is Mondo Cool’s videos. After the first video, I was immediately hooked and now I look forward to each new chapter on this site. I’ve noticed some of the English translations are a bit rough. If you need any proofreading and corrections, I’d be glad to help. I really would love to see this manga prosper as it’s such a joy to read! Thanks!

  2. Tom

    When will Chapter 5 be posted as I have seen a video on it but still wanna read it? 6 is the final chapter and they are working on it now

    • Thomas

      Thanks! 🙂

  3. N 17

    quando sai o capitulo 6?


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